The iMarketer lifestyle is a philosophy.

There’s no one way to do it.

It’s about owning your life

— personal and professional.

Let’s acknowledge the work-life balance elephant that’s standing in the way of

your happiness and fulfillment.

What the heck happened?

With work-life balance, you’re stuck in limbo of:

  • What you want to do and what you think you NEED to do are competing for your time and energy.
  • You’re fighting to fit a fulfilling life into a traditional 8-5 work schedule.
  • You’re making money but never finding time to enjoy it.
  • You’re tired of choosing between work and your boyfriend, work and your family, work and your kids.
  • Your voice and ideas are hidden beneath layers of upper management and corporate hoops.
  • You see small businesses who could really use your help, but you don’t have the time to help them.
  • You aren’t owning who you are and what you want to be doing.
  • You aren’t focusing on your strengths and how you can help others with them — you’re just doing a job.

You put up with this because:

You like that house that contains all your stuff — that house cost money and so did that stuff.

You love the sweet cheeks off your family — and you want to do right by them.

You feel safe in that windowless cubicle, with boss after boss telling you what’s what.

Let’s be honest, some days it’s nice to surf the net while getting paid for it.

And you think there’s no other way.

But there is. It takes some risk, mixed with a whole lot of passion. It takes a woman who wants to have a profession while also having a strong presence in her family life.
It’s for a woman who craves mixing work with life.

It’s called work-life integration, and the iMarketer Blueprint can take you there.


Live your best life!

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