Be the boss of your own marketing business and your life.

Seize the iMarketer Blueprint



An online iMarketer Blueprint Guide that will walk arm-and-arm with you through this solo business life.

Procedures for 29 services you’re going to rock for future clients.

Templates and worksheets that’ll help you get your stuff together.

Access to one-on-one consulting time each month with the original iMarketer herself. Contact HQ for coaching package prices. 

Guidance on agreements, insurance and whitelabeling so you can show up like a pro from day one.

iMarketer peers who can cheer you on, send you tips and connect with you on all parts of life.

A monthly e-newsletter with answers to your business questions and inspiration for rocking your biz.

The iMarketer Exclusive blog for weekly tips and tricks that’ll keep you on the straight and narrow — or curved and broad, if that’s what you’re after.

In-depth continuing education programs that’ll make you feel like you’re back in college — in those fun classes.

Any and all future content updates to any of the iMarketer Blueprint products.

 The intangibles

but even more valuable:

Empowerment for:

  • Building and refining your brand
  • Fostering spirit in your work and life
  • Real-life iMarketer stories
  • Tips for work-life integration
  • A community of other iMarketers
  • An interface to ask questions and share successes

Guidance through:

  • Finding and keeping clients
  • Fostering and maintaining a team of independent contractors
  • Workflow processes for all kinds of marketing projects
  • Budgeting time and dollars
  • Doing the work with templates and worksheets
  • Communicating with your clients

Safekeeping your fanny with:

  • Contractual agreement guidance
  • Recommendations to collect and provide payments
  • A guide to filing for taxes
  • Recommendations for experts you might want to buddy up with
  • Tips for dealing with client/contractor issues
  • Info on insurance policies that you might need

Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Start living your iMarketer life today.

Invest in your business — and your life.

So, you’re ready to talk dollar-dollar bills? Yes, the iMarketer Blueprint costs $5,000. Nope. We didn’t accidentally add a zero. You’re serious about starting and running your own marketing business, and we’re serious about giving you all the tools to instantly start landing clients, completing projects and making an impact — on your community, your life and your bank account.

We’ll be honest with you — because a $5,000 investment deserves honesty: You could do this all by yourself. You could spend months figuring out things we’ll tell you about over a week’s worth of time.

You could spend all the time on your own trying to make this happen — and lose the most important thing your iMarketer business will give you: A life you want to live.

This is huge. But you’ve got this. And we’ve got your back. 

 Note: This is a “buy now” not a “bye now.” Don’t worry. After you click buy, we aren’t going anywhere. We’re here by your side to stay. Once you join the exclusive community of iMarketers, you’ll always be our No. 1, our best gal pal, our favorite work wife, your loudest cheerleader for a better life.

Have a question? Just call us: 515-428-0535

We’re real people, who will really answer the phone and help.

Girl — we feel that passion for running your own marketing business from all the way over here! Don’t let it fizzle! Keep it burning strong by subscribing to our blog.
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