How to get your Dream Gift this Christmas

You spend the large majority of the year serving your family, your friends, your professional commitments. You deserve to get what you want for Christmas!

While there’s more to the holidays than getting gifts (and giving gifts), we think it’s time you make a little magic happen for your dreams. And there’s no better time to sit back, reflect and start making plans for reaching your goals than at the end of the year.

First, Know — and Own — Your Dream Gift

As adult women, we know how to really get what we want (ahem, it’s this little thing called shopping.) But receiving gifts gives others the opportunity to get you something you really want for Christmas that you usually wouldn’t get for yourself.

It’s tempting to think about that pair of designer brand heels, but we urge you to think about something more meaningful this year.

Could your dream gift help you actually follow your dreams? Could your dream gift actually pay for itself in the long run?

Are you ready to change your marketing career path — a change that will put you in control of your profession and your life?

If you’re nodding your head yes so much that your messy bun is more messy than actual bun, then you might want to make room on your Christmas list for the iMarketer Blueprint!

The iMarketer Blueprint comes bundled with guidance, support and tangible advice on how to run your own solo marketing agency, serving local small businesses and non-profits. It’s a tool that can help you run your own solo marketing business — and live a life you love.

Second, Know How to Make Your Dream Gift Become Reality

When you’re asking for a Christmas gift that could potentially change the entire next year for you — and beyond — it takes a lot more than sending an email or a text with a link. It takes more than writing what you want down on a piece of paper and strategically leaving it on the kitchen table.

If you want to make your dreams happen, starting this Christmas, you’ll need to employ a strategy.

  1. Be clear with what you want and why. Answer any questions. Explain what this gift could mean for you.
  2. Justify the investment — and remind your loved one that it’s that: an investment.
  3. Show how you’re ready to start your solo marketing career by creating a mini plan for the types of clients you could prospect, freelancers you could work with (or how you’ll find them), and what your weekly schedule could look like between your working and your family life.
  4. Be gracious and thankful to the people around you, gift or not.
  5. Never be afraid to give yourself a gift.

Third, Make Your Dream Gift Easy

If you want to ensure iMarketer Blueprint is waiting for you beneath the Christmas tree come December 25, remember to equip your loved one with these things:

  • The web address where they can look at all the tangible and intangible value delivered:
  • The phone number for more information: 515-428-0535
  • Insight that after purchase, they’ll receive of box of fun and valuable goodies shipped straight to them (to be wrapped and put under the tree!)

And — for a short time only:

From November 25, 2017, to January 1, 2018, we’re making it a little easier to ask for — and get — the iMarketer Blueprint as a gift. For anyone who would like to give the gift of entrepreneurship for Christmas, we’ll wrap and send the starter kit to the gift giver, along with a card that includes your iMarketer portal login information. Just tell your little elf to shoot us an email at to coordinate the gift purchase.

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