Women on TV who rock work-life integration

We love seeing women on TV who are strong, passionate and going after their professional goals. That’s why, the other weekend when we were rediscovering some of our favorite Gilmore Girls episodes, we yelped out with excitement as it dawned on us: Lorelai Gilmore is a dang girl boss just like us. She was living the work-life integration lifestyle even before we were. We call that life imitating art. And what fun it is to see ourselves in a rock star boss like Lorelai.

There are other girl bosses who we love to lift up: 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon and The Mindy Project’s Dr. Mindy Lahiri. And what about Romy and Michelle? They dressed to their own beat and started their own clothing line. Plus, they stick together no matter what. (Remember the “I’m the Mary and you’re the Rhoda” line?) And isn’t that boss?

Team Lorelai

But with all the women on TV who inspire us, it’s Lorelai Gilmore with whom we feel a kindred spirit. And it’s not just because she’s coffee-obsessed like us. (We swoon when she says, “I need coffee in an IV.”) She’s also the hardest-working woman in Stars Hollow. This single mom works full-time, starts two businesses with her best friend and does it all while making time for herself and her daughter, Rory.

She’s the queen — and our hero — of work-life integration. She’s always there for the important events in Rory’s life and to help her daughter get through her teen angst with heavy doses of movie marathons, takeout food (hey, we never said Lorelai could cook), and witty banter.

She even gets the town’s prince when she proposes to him. The girl has moxie.

So do we; so do you.

Team You

Do you want to be your own girl boss? You can. Imagine writing your own story, one in which the hero is you and your adventure is yours to decide. What would your script say? That you work hard, lead a talented and supportive team, make time for friends and family, and reap awesome rewards?

You have the ability, the talent and the heart to live the work-life integration lifestyle. Let us help you learn to live it. Visit www.iMarketerBlueprint.com to get started.

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