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What value does iMarketer bring to a solo marketer?

You’ve paid your dues and are done with the 8-to-5 corporate marketing life. Or, maybe you’re fresh out of college and don’t ever want to enter the world of demanding, out-of-touch bosses. Either way, you’re ready to strike out on your own and be your own boss lady. You’re ready to start your very own solo marketing business. And you think you can do it all by yourself.

You’re a rock star do-it-yourselfer, and we applaud you in a raise-the-roof kind of way. We love women like you. In fact, we are women like you.

Hold on, partner

Before we could forge ahead and start our own companies, however, we had to do our homework — and LOTS of it. Yet, back then, many of us still had our day jobs (like many of you do), so we had to squeeze these learning sessions in between our jobs, family responsibilities, homework, housework, you name it! (And we didn’t have anyone to show us the ropes.)

Luckily, those precious hours that we spent figuring things out — and that turned into days and weeks and months — weren’t wasted. Now we can pass what we learned on to you so that you can hit the ground running. (We don’t want you going down a rabbit hole of confusion and dampening your enthusiasm for your awesome business.)

And because it’s not our first rodeo, we can get you to your goal of starting your very own marketing business faster, which will make you successful sooner. (Did we hear a “giddy up”?)

Our iMarketer Blueprint is made for your do-it-yourself spirit who wants in-depth knowledge that’ll put you on the fast track.

Get ready, set, go!

Reaping the (intangible) rewards

There are SO many of them. We’re not kidding you.

The iMarketer Blueprint is a one-time cost with a lifetime of payback. With it, you have a complete how-to guide, service procedures, and a community of iMarketers.

For instance, our Blueprint has a checklist of specific interview questions to ask potential attorneys and accountants so you can choose the best ones for your business — we’ve already done the work for you! (Your business isn’t going to require a big-name financial muckety-muck, we promise.) It also gives you the play-by-play for quoting jobs, and we help you consider the value that you bring to a project so you’ll never accidentally underquote a job. (Remember, you’re part of your awesome team, too.) Need a template for contractual agreements with your subcontractors? We’ve got one of those too!

We also provide tips for work-life integration, a community of other iMarketers, and an interface to ask questions and share successes. And we guide you through finding and keeping clients, fostering and maintaining a team of subcontractors, budgeting time and dollars, and so much more!

In life, you have to pay for insurance — whether or not you end up using it. #Adulting

The good thing is that it gives you confidence and covers your butt if something does happen. Our Blueprint also builds your confidence and covers your behind — and it’s something that you will use every day in your business.

So, it’s well worth the cost.

Ready to go solo?

The iMarketer Blueprint is here to help you get started. So, even though you’re going solo, you won’t be alone.

Get started by checking out the iMarketer Blueprint or setting up a consultation call with our original iMarketer, Samantha.

We’ve got your back.

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