Things I Didn’t Realize About Working a Day Job Until I had One

Remember back to when you graduated from high school and, then, college. What was that word and feeling rolling through your head and your heart? It was freedom. Free to do what you want and when you want to do it. Finally, you could be the boss of you. Then, you got a job, and it was a great one. You got to use your education and your skills, but somehow your freedom took a back seat. Over time, you discovered that your day job was cramping your lifestyle and limiting your independence. Who told you that working a day job in an office could be such a buzzkill? No one!

Your boss, your co-workers and even you can create barriers at work that wreak havoc on your day dreams.

Asking your boss’s permission to do things.

Your whole fam-damily is heading to a national park to enjoy the best of nature and some quality time together. You’re in, no questions asked. But, wait, you remember: First, you have to ask your boss for permission to go. You think she’ll say yes, unless one of your co-workers already beat you to it and requested the same time off for her annual vacay. Oh, the stress of it all! Now you really need that vacation.

Not to mention, you also need to let your boss know when you have a doctor’s appointment, need to leave the office early to pick up your babe from daycare because she has a runny nose and the list goes on and on. Asking permission makes you feel like you’re in middle school all over again.

Navigating relationships with co-workers.

Co-workers are great sometimes. They bring donuts to the office, commiserate with you when you want to vent about your boss’s micro-managerial style and provide you with great fodder for dinner table conversation with your fam. (OK, that last one isn’t really a positive.) But other times it’s not so great having co-workers. Let’s face it, you could do without the donuts. Also, having someone to vent to (and gossip with) just amplifies the negative office vibe. And how many times must you listen to your office neighbor slurp his bowl of Lipton onion soup and crunch on Cheetos.

All of it is keeping you from your optimal productivity and reaching your full potential. Someone please help!

Limiting yourself.

You might do a kick-butt job at work, but you can only climb so high before you reach a concrete ceiling. And having a set salary is nice, but the negative part is that it’s “set.” No matter how hard you work, the salary doesn’t change according to the amount of work you do. And, if you do want to make good money in corporate America, you have to give up doing the fun part of your work to make room for meetings and managing people. Where’s the freedom and fun in that?

Do you still want to be the boss of you? One who pays you for the amount of work you do and allows you to take a vacation during peak travel time? You can, it’s not too late. See how iMarketer can work for you so that you can work for you. Oh, and you get to choose your own co-workers too, which is pretty much the best gig ever.  

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